1.When are given refunds ?

A: Refunds are only given to customers that bought same product twice or more, the product name has to be identical in order to qualify for a refund. 

No other cases can obtain refunds!

2. Accidentally or mistakenly purchase of a product
Can Modish refund the money or replace the product with other one?


What is Accidental Purchase?!  Examples described bellow but not limited to the listed ones :

-When customer buys a product and changes mind about skintone, color or product type like between mesh head applier and system skin pack
-When customer buys a product 'thinking' assuming it contains certain type of products without informing themselves about the actual contents of the product or without visually checking the signs of product type like mesh head appliers of brands logos listed on the shelf of purchased product

 Modish products are no transfer unless these are part of a gacha, therefore refund or replace procedure by returning the product that you accidentally purchased or didn't want or changed your mind about is NOT POSSIBLE due to the Permissions of Products being NO TRANSFER. Products are no transfer as well due to the fact that you may anytime redeliver the product and only the customer that bought the product is entitled to use it! (exceptions are gacha products which may be sold, gifted etc)

3. Appliers do not match
Can you fix my appliers  ?!

A: What doesn't Match ? 

-Slink hands and Feet were checked multitude of times to match to the system skins or if provided with full body appliers they absolutely match those! Check if you not wearing additional layers on the mesh parts verify the tint color on the OMNI hud, it should be WHITE.

-Full body appliers neck looks like not blending or not in the color of head?
You might be at ultra settings and some of the mesh bodies with ultra graphics settings are changing in color on your screen and will not match to the head. Modish textures used for the bodies absolutely match with the head and corresponding skintones on the HUDs.

-What to do if the matching issue still not solved ?
Please note Updated HUDs may sometimes be faulty even if we do check them, SL can be glitchy and reverse the actions of update and mess up with the HUD.

Create a notecard with your sl name and issue on it, inside describe the issue,  we require detailed information stating the precise product (hands, body, brand name, skintone number),  and that you double checked and none of causes that are mentioned above are the root of the matching problem. Send the notecard to MODISH CSR only. You will be contacted as soon as we check the problem and solve it.

4.   Why there isn't applier for the body brand that i use ?!
    When will you make body appliers for other brands that aren't already in Modish store?

A: Cannot give any dates of other body appliers release. 

WHY ?! There are alot of mesh bodies released on the grid, therefore I picked up the most popular ones and that is: SLINK, MAITREYA, BELLEZA and TheMeshProject.

These bodies are fitted mesh, customers can modify their shape to look curvy, voluptuous or skinny! they will all look decently real, moreover mesh cloth designer do make clothes mostly for these listed brands, by purchasing other body brands you may be limited to the range of clothes you can wear.

5. Are there Omega appliers for bodies?

A: Only for the 2016 Bodies

WHY?! mesh bodies have their unique flow of mesh itself they never completely identical with SL UVs. resulting in texture distortion on parts as boobs, bellybutton, ass, feet, etc.Therefore we cannot guarantee Modish textures will lay decently on omega ready mesh bodies.

6.  Why Cannot Purchase Body Applier for just 1 skintone I want? 

A: There are many mesh bodies and mesh body part brands 

Modish has many skintones if sold separately the appliers will consume a lot of prims and will have to retire skins much sooner then most of customers think.  I choose to heavily discount the fatpack of Appliers HUD, one skintone would cost minimum 300L and the fatpack is 499L containting 9-12 skintones => it is less then 50L for a skintone :) Plus next time you may choose a skin in a different skintone it will definitely save you money and the store will have more prims for NEW releases.