Saturday, 3 December 2016

:Modish:: Releases for the past 6 months

Hi everyone!
I thought my loyal customers and fans deserve an actual explanation of what was going on with Modish and myself for the past year or so.
First of all, my life totally changed when I found out that I was pregnant, been going through alot in that period wouldn't go in details ^-^!
Secondly my baby is 6 months old now ... I thought only the 1st month be harder with finding time for myself and work but no, it will always be pressure with time from now on lol so i'm getting some time here and there, like 3 hours a day... is nothing, sometimes i'm so tired i just need 1 hour to concentrate and then 1 hour to start work on something and then decide it not going into the right way and just discard it and start over or realize my time is gone and i need to go sleep.
So why all this story and and blabla ? well things changed and I kind of changed I guess LOL, yes the 'lol' never will change with me I guess :)))). I just want to let you know guys that i been doing all my possible to make releases to keep the Modish brand alive.
Since had absolutely no time to update the blog with the releases, below you can see the releases piled up from the past 6 months that can be found in MAINSTORE:

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