Friday, 19 July 2013

::Modish:: Ingrid_skins NEW NEW

::Modish:: Ingrid_skins by ::Modish::
::Modish:: Ingrid_skins, a photo by ::Modish:: on Flickr.
@ Mainstore

Available :
8 skintones
16 lipstick options

Each skintone pack includes:
9 face enhancements tattoos
eyebrow shaper
skintones palet chart

Ingrid lipsticks options

Ingrid  lipsticks options by ::Modish::
Ingrid lipsticks options, a photo by ::Modish:: on Flickr.
at Mainstore 

ISHA-Lipsticks 90L each pack @ SL Fashion week

TP to SL Fashion week

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Store Credit and Gifting system available in mainstore!

::Modish:: has introduced Store Credit and Gifting System to award loyal customers.

The system is available in mainstore but the coverage is only for skins at moment!

Store Credit can be checked in mainstore clicking the sign located behind the reception desk named 'STORE CREDIT' as well REDELIVERY is available at same place in case of recently missing purchased item. Re-delivery will not work for skins purchased before 17th July.

As I have many items to offer and system requires time for setting up the full features of system coverage will be made within a week or more due to the fact that i'm working simultaneously on a 'bunch' of new skins that have to come out this month and in August at events and Fashion Fairs. Most of Fashion Fairs do not allow scripts to be used therefore mostly mainstore purchases will gain you store credit.

What you can do with Store Credit ?
You can buy items from the amount of store credit that you gained! Click the vendor that you want to purchase from credit amount and choose Use credit the system will check eligibility (if you have enough credit) to purchase it and watch the local chat for what information it gives you.

Gifting option
Gifting option available as well but for newer skins which are in bottles. To gift someone a Modish item, click the item and choose Gift, afterwords a pop-up window appears prompting you to enter the name of SL account that you intend to make the gift to. Enter the name of SL account (not display name) click the Submit button the system will inform you in local chat that the person was found (if the name was written correctly) and  it will inform you to make the payment to the vendor. After payment was made the gift will be delivered to the chosen SL account.

Thank you for being my loyal customers and for being patient until the full store will be covered by the system.

Best Regards,

Ele Brandi
::Modish:: CEO & owner