Tuesday, 30 April 2013

::Modish: Slink hands poster

 is  available in Mainstore!

::Modish:: Slik Feet poster

               ::Modish:: Slik Feet poster by ::Modish::

Slink Avatar Body Enhancement @ Mainstore now

Saturday, 27 April 2013

::Modish:: Yana-Skin @ SYSP from 1st May

::Modish:: Yana-Skin_poster by ::Modish::
::Modish:: Yana-Skin_poster, a photo by ::Modish:: on Flickr.
The last one in this 3rd modish generation body! as 4th Generation Modish body will be released in early May.
Worked over a month on its details and smoothness of shadows, glows... details shape etc...
Meanwhile enjoy the new skin Yana at exclusive price of 99L @ Structure Your Skin available in Cappucio skintone only.