Monday, 6 April 2015

Zahra skins new in Modish Mainstore

Zahra skins
12 skintones
Each Skin tone pack contains:
Appliers for : Slink feet&hands, Lolas Tango/Mirage, Luc. Inc PhatAzz/CuteAzz, Ghetto Ass. 
5 eyebrow options on skin: dark, light, ginger, brown and no eyebrows 
cleavage and no push up version
eyebrow shaper 
9 face enhancement tattoo layers:
1eyebag, 3 freckles layers, 2 moles layers, pore glitter and tired undereyes.

TMP lips appliers

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Modish New Skins @ Skin Fair

From 13th March The Skin Fair opens and Modish has 3 new skins!

Kenji skin 

►6 skintones to choose from each include:
•brows/no brow version
•facial hair on face and without versions
•slink hands and feet appliers

►be available as well installers for TheMeshProject male heads and body

Elyze skins

11 skintones to choose from

TMP face&body appliers available separately

Sophy skins

7 skintones to choose from
TMP face&body appliers available separately

Friday, 13 February 2015

New Skins Myla

Myla skins has 12 skintones to chose from as well TheMeshProject Appliers available in mainstore!

Trilly lipsticks @ we love RolePlay

Trilly lipsticks @ we love RolePlay

16 lipsticks in 4 sets and 4 options to choose from (tattoo, LoudMouth, NyamNyam,TMP)

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Monica and Joan Skins

New skins in mainstore! Monica and Joan

12 skintones to choose from
TheMeshProject Face appliers
LoudMouth skins&lip Applier

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

::Modish:: Skins group Gift

Merry Xmas to everyone !
I wish everyone happy coming holidays and let the peace and love surround the world at least for this time of year <3
Modish group Members can come pick up the gift in mainstore \o/
Imani Gift skin contains:
♦2 skintones with 5 brow options
♦slink hands&feet applier
♦Face appliers for TheMeshProject Heads
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Modish Icequeen Accessories!

::Modish:: has released Icequeen bracelet and headpiece at We <3 Roleplay event !
 25 % Dicsounted  variation of colors available at the event !